In commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the June 16 Soweto and other related uprisings. To commemorate Youth Day, BICACON GROUP put a highly spirited effort to visit Mannyetha Primary School in Lebowakgomo to contribute school jerseys and school shoes to underprivileged learners.

BICACON GROUP was founded on the principle of building and capacitating today’s generation for tomorrow’s better future. We contribute through our socially responsible and sustainable approach to our projects, through our input on sustainable infrastructure in the communities, as well as imparting skills and knowledge to the communities with which we work.

BICACON GROUP is involved in several programs and committed to continuous assessment of our people’s needs in order to contribute towards a better South Africa.

The philanthropic act forms part of our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme a principle of sustainability which is entrenched in our core business strategy in accordance with the standards and practices of corporate governance.