At Bicacon we don’t just contribute to the upliftment of communities and countries. We aim to contribute to women empowerment, youth empowerment and work together with other BEE accredited companies that share our vision.

In so doing, we hope that we may all be able to develop our country in every possible way and realise our economic potential.
Bicacon is a Level 1 Broad Based Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)with a procurement recognition level of 100%.

View Our Broad Based Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) certificate.

BEE Scorecard

Financial year 2014/15 (Score)
Core Components BBBEE Elements Weighting Points F2014 %(1)
Direct empowerment Ownership 25 27.00
Management 10 10.00
Human resource empowerment Employment equity 10 10.00
Skills development 15 15.00
Indirect empowerment Preferential procurement 20 20.00
Enterprise development 15 15.00
Socio-economic development 5 5.00
Total 102 102
Empowerment level 1

The Board consists of a black female, with three other Board Members. And the company has a female Chief Financial Officer.
Black representation at executive, senior and middle management is 100 %.


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